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    Burton Chase Park Fishing Pier Marina Del Rey?

    How have you fared at the MDR dock?
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    Belmont Pier - 12/26

    King Tides
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    Marina del ray jetty

    finally landed a legal Hali at the jetty on live smelt. Been chasing them for a year!
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    Just wondering & curious...

    i think signup for an account is another roadblock. took me a couple years to finally get around to it.
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    Newport Jetty, M Street Pier 5/3/22

    Warden has checked about 50% of the time I’ve fished there. Always someone busted. I believe there is a sign saying a license is required but I’m not 100% sure. Also people tend to post up there with 3-4 rods sometimes. Very annoying.
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    Redondo Beach Pier

    It’s true. Not the pier but I did hook up with a small bone off the jetty.
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    Marina Del Rey dock

    If there is any question..Bonito are in town! Lots of people hooking up on flylined anchovy.
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    Marina Del Rey Sportfishing Dock is Open

    The parking machine is CC. I am not sure what the lot is but it is right in front of the dock. There is a hose on the dock that you can use to wash off your gear.
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    Marina Del Rey Sportfishing Dock is Open

    Signed up to give a "review" of this dock. Yes its $10 for 3 hours, but nobody seems to keeping time. Sardines available. Was there for about 2 hours. Hooked up with one queenfish on sardine. Switched to 3" bighammer with 1/4oz jig head and hooked up with a 20" halibut (CPR) and baby spotted...