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  1. scaryfish

    Seal Beach Pier - Opportunity Was The Catch Of The Day! 01-26-24

    That sounds like a very enjoyable day of fishing. Good job helping the kid. I still remember the 10 year old kid that helped me catch my first fish when I was just 6. I have been a fishing zealot ever since.
  2. scaryfish

    Striped Bass @ Richmond Rocks 01/14

    Very nice! Would the salt be to toughen up the bait a little to keep it on the hook better, or some other reason?
  3. scaryfish

    Butlers Bay Halibut 11/22

    Wow. Very cool. Does this suggest that halibut are resident in the bay all year round? I know the prime season for targeting halibut tends to be late spring and through summer, but I do not know all of the reasons for that. Nice catch!
  4. scaryfish

    There are NO sheepshead in Pacific Ocean.

    Too funny and true. I caught a "Bass" the other day.
  5. scaryfish

    There are NO sheepshead in Pacific Ocean.

    Understood, but juxtaposed to the level of inaccuracy that is now acceptable in all forms of "journalism", I do not think that this will even register as a mistake. You pick a difficult hill to fight on, but good luck.
  6. scaryfish

    Bottom Dwellers Bonanza @ Seal Beach Pier

    Great fishing. Sounds like a good day.
  7. scaryfish

    Huntington Beach Pier-8/23 (Post-Hurricane Hillary)

    Nice detail. Thanks for sharing.
  8. scaryfish

    There are NO sheepshead in Pacific Ocean.

    I don't quite understand. Are you mad about a typo?
  9. scaryfish

    Putah Creek 2/20: Lightning Does Strike Twice

    That is really cool. More water can't hurt. There is a saying. One is a dot, two is a line, three is a pattern. Hopefully you see a pattern develop. Good luck with your data collection.
  10. scaryfish

    Avalon 1/6

    Never too many posts. All of them are appreciated. Great fishing! I understand why you did not want to share the full extent of your extensive knowledge in this case. ;) I'm thinking, "Who discovered this creature?" Unrelated, so feel free not to answer or PM: You might know, so I will ask...
  11. scaryfish

    Fishing Bait or Fishing Lures?

    100% situational. I’m out to catch fish. There is a fine line between fishing and “just sitting around”. If all were equal,I would probably use lures. But it is never equal. If I get the glorious opportunity to fish. I’m going with what I think will put one on deck.
  12. scaryfish

    Bishop Creek and South Lake area 20221007-9

    That’s some good times Fish-Ninja. Congratulations! Fat rainbow, beautiful red belly on the Brook, and those golden/hybrids are always pretty fish.
  13. scaryfish

    What fish would you add to each classification?

    Interesting topic. A couple of thoughts. Lunar cycle plays a part. I would think that halibut would be daytime feeders primarily because they are sight feeders-but every creature is an opportunist. I think that tidal action has a big influence on this. Rockfish, I think, are more influenced by...
  14. scaryfish

    Noyo Jetty 9/8/22

    This is a very interesting discussion. Japanese cooking and the different flavors are much more detailed and subtle than many westerners realize, especially regarding seafood. You should move it to the off topic or recipe board and continue so that I can learn some more!
  15. scaryfish

    Noyo Jetty 9/8/22

    Nice looking spot. I like jetty fishing, although each year gets tougher on the old legs. Would you and Ken be willing to give a little more info on how you got the variety of species? Were you poking for the eels? Where were the rockfish? Ken, casting to the sand for the flounder? My...
  16. scaryfish

    SF Bay Red Tide

    Just sharing this article:
  17. scaryfish

    A compilation of Bodega Harbor clamming reports (long!)

    Very cool, thanks for posting. Can you give any more insight about Washington's and why they might be more prone to paralytic seafood poisoning?
  18. scaryfish

    Sabiki Rigs

  19. scaryfish

    Perch Report - HMB Beach

    "I'm not great at reading the surf, so I just kept walking, casting into the trough, and focusing my attention on areas where there were a larger concentration of molted sand crab shells." Sounds like you are on the right track. Nice fishing.
  20. scaryfish

    Shark attack at Pacific Grove —

    We had an informal PFIC gathering at that very spot years ago. The one and only time I met Songslinger. Mbay caught a lingcod during the gathering. Lots of guys from the Surfsamurai crew. Beautiful spot.