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    Dana Point Rollup Report

    Hey all! Been a couple of years since I've posted here, but I'm still down here in Dana Point fishing when I can. I've been out on a lot of the boats primarily, both private and charter sport boats out of Dana Wharf. However, since this is a pier fishing website - I'll keep it to that. If...
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    Malibu Pier - 12/4

    Hello everyone, It's been nearly a year since I've last posted on here. However, I have been lurking the boards as usual - just haven't got around to much pier fishing lately. I've been working full time, on top of school as a full time student, and got married in May. So this year has been...
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    San Clemente Pier 11/21

    Hey guys, Just got back from a day of fishing at San Clemente Pier. Gorgeous, sunny day with no wind and plenty of fishermen. Unfortunately the fishing was close to mediocre. Aside from the morning mackerel and smelt bite, I caught 3 fish in about 7 hours. Typical shark crew was out there...
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    Dana Point Harbor/Malibu Pier

    Sure thing brother. I'll do my best. If I forget - just PM me! (y)
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    Dana Point Harbor/Malibu Pier

    Good morning everyone, A couple late reports from over the past couple weeks. November 8th, 2020 - Hit up Dana Point Harbor Pier. No major excitement but plenty of jacksmelt going around. If you have youngins, bring the cheap cartoon Target rods with a sabiki and they'll be entertained for...
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    Dana Point Harbor/Intro

    Hello everyone, I realize this is my first post as a member on here. I grew up fishing Malibu pier with my father who taught me everything about pier fishing, with the help of Ken's book. Whenever I'm home at my parent's I still like to dive into the original orange cover book that's now...