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  1. Dpricenator

    North Bay Again

    I suppose, but it needs to be able to slide down the main line and unclip at the bottom. I think I found a way. I'll report back in a thread meant for the topic. Sorry for the thread Jack.
  2. Dpricenator

    North Bay Again

    Thank you. Anyone happen to have a link to a breakaway clip for use with a trolley rig. I am afraid the clothes pin won't hold it tight enough to slide a full mackerel down to the water.
  3. Dpricenator

    Message Board questions and/or concerns

    Is there a media page where we can upload pictures (proof) we actually caught something? It's always nice to have a photo of some guys he caught a 5 foot leopard shark on the SC Pier on opening night of lobster season. Wait that we me, but the picture is smallin the avatar. ;)
  4. Dpricenator

    Welcome Aboard!

    NICE. I like the new look!
  5. Dpricenator

    North Bay Again

    Right on. I just looked up the Trolley Rig. I have heard of it, but never new what it was called, or forgot what it was called. I'll be using this set up tonight on the SC pier. I have a surf caster than can hurl a 4 oz pyramid sinker over 100 yards. I'll be fishing deeper that I have...