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  1. nacho

    Santa Cruz: Red Tide

    Last Sunday there was a quite impressive red tide at Santa Cruz wharf. You can check the pictures below. Some questions: What is the effect of this on fishing? Can this produce toxicity on fish, in particular anchovies?
  2. nacho

    Skiff trip in Capitola. Sat.

    uglystick, his friends and myself rented a skiff in Capitola last Saturday, July 27th. What was biting: Anchovies, mackerel (both jack and chub), kingfish, jacksmelt, rockfish (olive, brown and grass) and a shark. What were they biting: Sabiki #8 and #6 with and without shrimp, and hi/lo with...
  3. nacho

    Recipies for anchovies

    "Pescaito frito" style. This recipe is great for anchovies, and/or any small fish. Ingredients: * Pinch of salt * Very fresh anchovies * Canola oil or similar * A plate with flour 1.- Clean the anchovies. Just cut the head and remove the guts with your fingers under the water. Do not waste...
  4. nacho

    July 20 and 21 Santa Cruz wharf

    Hi, We went to the Santa Cruz wharf this weekend to get some anchovies. On Saturday morning, the school was thick and they were everywhere, biting anything On Sunday afternoon there was no anchovy on sight, and nothing was biting. Some ranger told me that the school was off-shore. Mysteries... :-)
  5. nacho

    Sunday 30. Santa Cruz wharf

    Hello fisher(wo)man This Sunday I went fishing to SC wharf. There were few mackerels very, very, early in the morning, and none after 8AM. Some big schools of anchovies were around, but for some reason they do not take the sabiki. Didn't see anything else.
  6. nacho

    Capitola and Mack's

    Hi, We went to Capitola and rented a skiff there past Saturday. We were relatively successful at getting mackerel, both the chub (most frequently) and the jack (less frequently, but bigger). They were almost all close to the wharf, so that casting from there should reward some mackerels. In...
  7. nacho

    Santa Cruz wharf

    I went to SC wharf yesterday around 6PM. Could see some bait swimming, but they didn't take the sabiki. I heard that mac's where biting at the end of the pier. Went there and saw many people fishing but absolutely no bites. I saw two buckets with fish. One had 1 chub mackerel, small. The other...
  8. nacho

    Fish and Game extends Red Abalone Fishery closure to 2021

    Not that pier and shore fishermen are very interested in abalone, but just in case. Some links: