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  1. Cstone

    Pier Fishing In California You Tube

    I agree, don't kill yourself trying to get all done, but I think it would be awesome! I would also LOVE some information about how to fish the specific piers! Let me know if you want any help with filming, writing, camera work or editing. I am totally willing to help. :)
  2. Cstone

    Another Good Day

    Nice catch! Sounds like a fun day!
  3. Cstone

    What a relief for now

    Striped bass right? New to surf fishing. that is a big one right?
  4. Cstone

    Ocean Beach Pier to reopen today...

    Awesome! Thanks for the update! Any news on the Venice Pier front?
  5. Cstone

    Moving to Santa Monica Area - Where to Get Lugworms?

    following. I get most my bait from Martin's Tackle Shop in Los Angeles but I haven't found live bait yet. I usually catch mine.
  6. Cstone

    Getting seriously addicted...

    where do you prefer going for stripers? What do you mean by open beach?