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    Not exactly what you want to catch...

    Its a fun fishery down there.
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    Not exactly what you want to catch...

    They were planted to try and control the populations of other invasive species. In particular mayan cichlids, warmouth and a few others.
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    San Clemente Pier

    They are performing sand replenishment along the san clemente beaches.
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    Bonito filleting.

    Sashimi is the best use of them.
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    Who can name this pier?

    That pier was the first place I ever went saltwater fishing.
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    Doheny Beach - Kind-of report

    Molting season. Sometimes parts get stuck when molting and get left behind.
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    Any Bonito Around?

    I have seen some photos of free swimming bonito on the inside of the marina del rey jetty the last couple of days.
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    Sept. 29th

    There are not too many piers for lobster in the long beach/palos verde area, but the opener has been delayed in those areas.
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    Sept. 29th

    To stay home. The piers that are somewhat successful are usually wall to wall. The local boat spots become a bumper boat battle zone. I will wait a few days.
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    Dana Point Harbor pier - Sept 16

    Every other year or so a yellowfin or bluefin tuna wanders into the dana harbor and someone videos it. Multiple videos on youtube
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    Short visit to the Elephant Rock Pier

    They are certainly capable of it, never heard of anyone getting hurt though. Still, I am not putting my fingers in the mouth of something capable of crushing a pismo clam.
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    New Recreational Lobster Fishing Regulations.

    I see a third change. The way the rule is written you cannot hoop net for crab from thursday night at 6 pm till friday night at 6 pm of the day before and of lobster season.
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    Balboa Newport Huntington Piers - Red Tide

    Looks like Look at their chlorophyl charts
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    There are NO sheepshead in Pacific Ocean.

    And they look exactly like a corbina. Just smaller.
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    There are NO sheepshead in Pacific Ocean.

    I am very familiar with the difference. I have caught both species. You missed my point. These are common names. Which means they can change in spelling or completely over time and location. Thats why biologists use scientific names. Ask an east coast fisherman what a rockfish is and he will...
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    There are NO sheepshead in Pacific Ocean.

    Kelp/calico bass. White croaker/tomcod/ronkey/sea trout. Halfmoon/blue perch. Chub/greenback mackerel. I just don’t see the point in arguing over common names. Who says who is right? A kelp bass will always be a calico to me.
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    Sport fishing in Istanbul.

    Have a great trip, I look forward to the report afterwards.
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    San Clemente Pier - August 17th

    Nice day on the pier. Most likely a grass rockfish. I have caught a few there before.