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    Seal Beach Pier - May 14th

    Great fishing and always nice when you have the pier to yourself! I feel like too many anglers make assumptions that there are no fish to catch based of social media reports. Always worth going out and finding out for yourself!
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    Monterey 4/17

    Super cool rock fish! Congrats and thanks for the report!
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    Quick Report: San Clemente Pier lost another beauty

    Thank you for the suggestion. Yeah, I've got one of those! Just didn't bring it because I thought I would be bait fishing with my little nephew.
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    Keeper finally

    Awesome catch Snookie! That is an impressive catch!
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    Quick Report: San Clemente Pier lost another beauty

    Fished on Monday morning from 7:45AM-12:30PM. Used market shrimp on two hi lo setups. One long casting with size 2 Kahle hooks. Another shorter casting setup with size 6 baitholder hooks. I was casting off the end of the pier to the reef off the end. Did not see or detect any bait fish in the...
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    Huntington Beach Pier 03/08

    Beautiful leopard! Exciting catch! Congratulations!
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    What's the rationale

    I think the most common case is that people are unaware of etiquette and feel lost when it comes to finding the fish in the surf. There is so much real estate to fish but the majority of it doesn't have many fish. I could see until people learn to read the structure and find the holes that they...
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    Haven't Seen This For A While

    So cool! Congrats!
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    Daiso jigs

    I just bought a few jigs at our local Daiso store. So they were in stock there a couple weeks ago. Having run a specialty retail store I can understand why the tackle shop did that. The whole supply chain that serves those shops is not modern. It is filled with middle men that make it difficult...
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    San Clemente Pier 2/9

    Yes my dance teaching business has cut into my fishing time. Missed being there this year! What a small world indeed that you met some of my students there! Glad there was some anecdotal evidence that I have been using my time away from fishing productively :)
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    San Clemente Pier 2/9

    I see you've been hitting the Dana Jetty! Would love to meet you there sometime. I fished it only a couple times. I like that it is easier to walk than the Newport Jetty and seems less prone to snags.
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    San Clemente Pier 2/9

    Fished the end from 7:30AM - 1:30PM. Fished two hi lo rigs on with size 2 and 2/0 Kahle hooks the other with size 4 Kahle hook and a size 6 bait holder. Bigger hook setup on a long casting surf rod caught most of the fish on this slow day. Also intermittently fished a small hook sabiki setup to...
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    Fishbites as Bait for SoCal Piers

    I’ve used them with mixed success at San Clemente and Cabrillo Mole in Catalina: it can basically be thought of as a scented artificial bait with almost no action. So it attracts with color and scent. You can use it small piece to tip a hook that has some cut bait already on it or use it on its...
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    Tough Fishing

    With the exception of the dungies the rest can be gotten here plus we have sheephead, bonito, yellow tail, calico and sand bass...i think there are fewer people showing the type of shore rock fishing that is common for NorCal / Bay Area anglers but there are spots here for that. SoCal fishery is...
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    Seal Beach October 2nd

    Nice halibut! Looks to my eye 20" or so...close to legal.
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    Veterans Memorial Pier (Belmont)

    Nice fishing and thanks for the report!
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    A visit to a new pier....and some fish

    Scenic spot! Glad you got out there! That cabezon was beautiful!
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    Balboa Pier Tues 8-15-23: BARREN

    What time of day are you fishing?
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    San Clemente Pier - August 17th

    Nice fishing! The rock fish is cool! Never caught one there before or at any pier other than the Mole or Goleta.