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    Huntington Beach Pier 01/20/20

    Got a late start at 9am this morning and was greeted with an outgoing tide. Bought a pack of lug worms which caught all but one 6 inch corbina. No other surf fish being pulled besides jack smelt. Proceeded to the end where mom caught 5 baby sized spotted bay bass on market shrimp no less. Saw...
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    08/04 Newport Harbor Skiff

    Sorry not a pier report but figured you can target the same area through the jetties. - Fished near the bait barge on a AM half day skiff out of davies. The only live bait available were 6" sardines which produced 12 spotted bay bass (10-14"), 1 20" cuda and a 20" white sea bass. Surprisingly...
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    Newport Harbor Jetty 4/20 AM

    -North side jetty from 8 am - noon. Wind was blowing around 8 knots plus decent sized sets for added flavor. Used blood worms, frozen peas and ghost shrimp. Mid jetty was dead. Finally caught some action 3/4 of the way with frozen peas on a rubber lip perch and a kelp fish on the blood worms...
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    Balboa Pier PM Report 03/31/2019

    I hope so bud. We had a decent perch trip at Goleta in February with many walleye, kelp fish and rock wrasse caught. Good luck bud, I think I'm going to the skiff rentals this weekend if the bait barge is back.
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    Balboa Pier PM Report 03/31/2019

    Hey gang, LONG time lurker on the board. Finally had time to hit the pier: Beautiful day, got there late at 7pm. Lots of fisherman but overall fishing was slow as most buckets were empty with a few mackerel spread around. Saw the birds work a bait ball a few hundred meters away from the pier...