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  1. Bendopolo

    California Lizardfish

    Funny you mentioned Waikiki, I caught them daily on Poppers fishing for Ulua. The local Surfer guys wanted them all, and I was happy to oblige. They were very aggressive and it was hard not to hook them as they would blast the Topwater Lure, engulfing it.
  2. Bendopolo

    El Nino Did That

    Next Trip: Leopard Shark Fishing!
  3. Bendopolo

    There are NO sheepshead in Pacific Ocean.

    Names can be deceptive. I caught a fish in North Carolina that looked exactly like a California Corbina. The Locals called it a Whiting. Whiting are related to Atlantic Cod. Therefore I thought California Corbinas were related to the Cod Family. They both had a single Barbel under their mouths...
  4. Bendopolo

    Ocean Whitefish

    You forgot the best and most descriptive Name we have for this Fish - “Razor Gilled Bottom Dorado” I first heard this on a Party Boat out of Ventura and it has spread.
  5. Bendopolo

    Balboa Super-micro Bones in the Rain - good sign!

    No ethics involved. You can keep 5 under 24 inches. That is the law.
  6. Bendopolo

    Women and Fishing

    I figured this to be picture heavy….
  7. Bendopolo

    Where's the fish?

    There are large Bonito being caught around Catalina and the offshore Banks. Absolutely none in the nearshore waters even though it is a beautiful deep blue with tons of bait. Have the Seiners wrapped them all up? Our nearshore Bonito usually migrate up the coast this time of year and there were...
  8. Bendopolo

    El Nino is Here

    72 degree water on the beach at Crystal Cove, just South of Newport Beach
  9. Bendopolo

    Belmont Pier report

    Did you see the picture? I’m sure that was a Spotfin in full spawning colors. We used to catch them like that in Mission Bay. That size didn’t even get a second look.
  10. Bendopolo

    Chalk up another one

    At least he didn’t call it a Stripper….
  11. Bendopolo

    What is a Pier Rat?

    “Pier Rat” is a Pier af-fish-iando, a term of endearment. Pier Rats fish the Piers, love the Pier People, are full of information and stories about the Piers they regularly fish. Pier Rats have pictures of the big fish they have landed from their favorite place, they own circular nets with long...
  12. Bendopolo

    Concourse d'Pier Carts

    I saw a good one a few years ago. An Ice Chest on the seat of a Walker with Two mounted Rod Holders. The Ice Chest had Tackle and Ice and a Box of 1 Quart Zip Locks and a Fillet knife. Perfect.
  13. Bendopolo

    The maligned white croaker

    This year the Bass and Halibut in Newport Harbor have been loaded with 3-4 inch Tom Cod. Some still alive as they toss them during the fight or after being landed.
  14. Bendopolo

    Walk down Seal Beach Pier 6/16

    San Gabrial River Mouth hasn’t had Warm Water discharge in many years. It was deemed toxic to the environment as was the Warm water discharge in Redondo Harbor. The regulations now state that the discharge must be the same temperature as the Surface water. The water they pull in is from the...
  15. Bendopolo

    Trip to the Southland — Days 4 and 5

    Great Picture of you “Pier Rats”. Snookie is always in fashionable dress. The Inshore Halibut bite has been slow but the Harbor is kicking out some nice ones, this 32 incher was from Saturday, CPR.
  16. Bendopolo

    First time at the Mole. 5/23

    These would make a good bubble trail…
  17. Bendopolo

    First time at the Mole. 5/23

    They are big when the bigger models come thru. It can be anytime. You just have to be there for it.
  18. Bendopolo

    First time at the Mole. 5/23

    WalMart, And Toy or Pet store. A Hardwood Dowel from Home Depot with a Stainless Eye Screw on each side…
  19. Bendopolo

    Something Huge

    We call those Zing Pow Fish. My last interaction with them was at Pyramid Lake above Castaic. I was catching nice schoolie Stripers when huge ones would grab my Swimbait and run an out 50 feet out and then head down onto a channel, breaking me off. I finally lost too much line to be able to...
  20. Bendopolo

    First time at the Mole. 5/23

    I use a solid Rubber Ball, about 3 inches in diameter. Drill a hole thru it .Thread your line thru it and use a Big bead and swivel to stop it. Add 24 inches of leader and your While Streamer Fly. The Rubber Ball makes lots more splash and bubbles driving the Bonito crazy. Go as fast as you can...