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    Fabulous bag of perch of 2020

    Nice haul!
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    Braid for surf fishing

    Recently changed out mono to braid line to add line capacity to a smaller reel. The other day I took it out and try it out. The surf was kind of rough but not unfishable. But what turned out to be unfishable was the braid line rig. Although I managed to catch a couple perch on the Carolina...
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    Huge salmon,,, what it used to be like...

    How is it that a fish that has a finite life span (3-5 years?) be bigger then and not now?
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    Marin surf

    Have not written up any reports lately, although I have been fishing. I retired after 30+ years of employment and immediately began fishing in earnest with time constraints largely removed. As a parting gesture I was gifted a generous gift card with which I purchased a rod and reel combo I...