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  1. EgoNonBaptizo

    Avalon 7/10

    Took a solo day trip to Avalon to do some fishing. I took the 6am boat out of Long Beach and started off fishing for opaleye. I then saw that calico from my last trip come follow some of the smaller fish that I had caught and released. I caught a senorita wrasse and flylined it next to the...
  2. EgoNonBaptizo

    Balboa Pier and Newport Harbor 6/20

    Went to Balboa pier at around 7am. There was a lot of micro bait in the water, which was all the fish were eating. I fished a sabiki rig and a kastmaster until 2pm, with only a couple smelt, a lizardfish, and a few mackerel for my efforts. I then made the walk over to a public dock. (I can’t...
  3. EgoNonBaptizo

    Balboa Pier 6/10

    Went to Balboa Pier from 1-4 pm to make bait for a trip to Avalon. I fished a 21 g coltsniper and caught 21 mackerel, while much of the pier went fishless until the last hour.
  4. EgoNonBaptizo

    Avalon 6/11

    I took the 6 am boat out to Avalon for a 1 day fishing trip. I started off fishing mackerel on dropper loops, while fishing a float rig for opaleye. No opaleye were around, but I did catch quite a few small halfmoon and blacksmith. When I released the smaller fish, an immense (>24") calico came...
  5. EgoNonBaptizo

    Mirage 6/3-6/4

    Went on an overnighter trip on the Mirage to celebrate graduating from high school. The weather was a bit rough, but we were able to make it to San Nicolas. We started off fishing live squid for WSB and yellows, but had no luck. We then switched gears to rockfishing. Conditions were tough, but I...
  6. EgoNonBaptizo

    Victory 5/31

    Went out on a 3/4 day trip on the Victory with a very light load (10 people!) We had live squid, so the captain had high hopes. We motored out to some deeper wrecks and picked away at the rockfish. A couple anglers caught nice sized sheephead and big vermilions, but most of the fish were...
  7. EgoNonBaptizo

    Avalon 5/27-5/28

    Went to Avalon with a friend on Memorial Day. Took the 6 am boat, and immediately began fishing the Mole. I almost immediately caught two opaleye, a 11" sculpin and a 15" barred sand bass. My friend caught three whitefish on squid. Afterwards, fishing slowed considerably. At 12, we headed to...
  8. EgoNonBaptizo

    Balboa pier 5/11

    Started at 1:40 pm and fished the incoming tide until 4:40. Very slow bite until around 3:50. Then the mackerel began biting anything and everything that hit the water. I fished a 21 gram coltsniper jig and kept 14 mackerel. I also caught a short halibut that gave me a good chomp as I was...
  9. EgoNonBaptizo

    Balboa Pier 4/27

    Went to Balboa Pier with a friend, starting at 12pm and fishing the incoming tide until 5. Decent mackerel and sardine bite, with lots of small smelt thrown in. No bites on live bait. Kept 32 mackerel along with the sardines and smelt that died in the bait bucket.
  10. EgoNonBaptizo

    Balboa Pier 4/20

    Went to Balboa Pier with a friend. We arrived at 3:30 pm, and caught a couple sardines almost immediately. The bite died at 4:30 with the slack low tide, but then picked back up around 6. Using the sardines as cut bait, we were able to catch 18 mackerel before leaving at 7:30
  11. EgoNonBaptizo

    Two Harbors 3/25-3/27

    Went on a 3-day camping/fishing trip to Two Harbors for my spring break. 3/25 I took the 9:30 am boat out of San Pedro to Two Harbors. I arrived at around 11 am and dropped my things off at the gear haul. I would check into my campsite at 2 pm, so I decided to do some fishing. I went to the...
  12. EgoNonBaptizo

    Avalon 1/3

    Went with a couple friends to Avalon for a day of fishing. Took the 6 am boat out and began fishing at the Mole immediately. There were lots of blacksmith and baby halfmoon that provided steady action for everyone else, while I fished slabs of mackerel. First fish was a very close call - even...
  13. EgoNonBaptizo

    Strangest way you've ever landed/hooked fish?

    Does anybody here have particularly noteworthy ways that they have caught fish? There was that one crab-snared cabbie and I believe on the old board there was a post of a surfperch caught in a crab snare. Here's two of my own: Once during a "mack attack", I was fishing a single dropper-loop...
  14. EgoNonBaptizo

    Avalon 12/23 - 12/24

    I had family come to visit over the holidays, and they decided to spend some time at Avalon. Naturally I planned to fish. I arrived around 5:40 pm, and immediately began fishing the Mole using slabs of mackerel on dropper loops. That moonlit night was beautiful. I caught a ~ 20" horn shark, a...
  15. EgoNonBaptizo

    Calcutta 400B pairing?

    Recently I bought a Shimano Calcutta 400B on a bit of a whim. I don't have a rod to pair it with - any suggestions? I plan to use it for shallow-water rockfishing and inshore fishing.
  16. EgoNonBaptizo

    Avalon 11/22 - 11/13

    My family had planned a Thanksgiving day trip to Catalina Island. I had not planned on fishing on that day, but since the opportunity presented itself, I decided to go so that I could burn some old frozen bait. 11/22 - Took the 6 am ferry out to Avalon and started fishing the Cabrillo Mole...
  17. EgoNonBaptizo

    Overnighter on Mirage 11/18-11/19

    Went on the Mirage out to San Miguel and Santa Rosa. Beautiful conditions - flat calm and light cloud cover. Limited out on rockfish and lings, caught a couple nice whitefish, and got a nice-sized sheephead. The crew was very helpful and made sure everything ran as smoothly as possible.
  18. EgoNonBaptizo


    With the current state of the Camp and Woosley fires, I hope that anybody in those areas are safe and out of range of the destruction.
  19. EgoNonBaptizo

    Huntington Pier 11/11

    Fished 7-10 am on the incoming tide. Lots of bait in the water that didn't want to bite. Sporadic mackerel bite - I managed to catch 8. One lizardfish. Otherwise slow.
  20. EgoNonBaptizo

    Santa Monica Pier 11/3 and Huntington Pier 11/4

    Short trip to Santa Monica from 6 pm to 8 pm. Very slow action - only managed one tiny sargo on a sabiki rig. Other anglers had marginally better luck, catching (and keeping!) short spotted bay bass and calico bass. One person was hoop netting, and managed one short lobster, which they kept...