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  1. Ken Jones

    Hueneme Pier

    Yep, they're a little gnarly looking.
  2. Ken Jones

    Fish ID

    I'm waiting to hear from Milton, he should know.
  3. Ken Jones

    Halibut - When they leave?

    Locals know better than I but April/May into Sept./Oct is typically the time for the hallies.
  4. Ken Jones

    White Sea bass explosion

    And I am stuck in Fresno!!!
  5. Ken Jones

    Berkeley Bait & Tackle (Gone But Not Forgotten)

    Bait shops offer one unique thing — bait. They cannot offer the variety or generally meet the prices on tackle of the chains or Internet. But they do offer bait. Unfortunately too few offer live bait anymore. The wholesale prices when combined with the mortality of bait almost makes the cost...
  6. Ken Jones

    Halibut Limit Reduction?

    As for handling undersized halibut, I would say that 90-95% of halibut caught from piers in SoCal are undersized fish while that percentage seems far less in CenCal/SF Bay waters. Two things I hate to see: (1) simply dropping undersized halibut back down into the water from the surface of a per...
  7. Ken Jones

    Fish ID

    Some type of goby. Three types are found in our "Fish" pages—Longbow Goby (Mudsucker) , Yellowfin Goby and Chameleon Goby, all (now) common to SF Bay. I will send the picture to Milton Love at the Love Lab and get his input.
  8. Ken Jones

    Fishing in Taiwan and Japan... any pointers?

    Watch — and ask questions if possible. When I have traveled to far away "new" locations I've raley been able to take much tackle but a couple of compact outfits with some assorted lures (as Mav mentions) will get you started.The advantage you have today is the Internet which has lots of...
  9. Ken Jones


    Unfortunately most piers now close at 10 PM or midnight which, in the summertime, means you don't get much fishing after dark. Parking can be expensive at most but a few, including Newport and San Clemente don't charge after a certain time (6 PM I think). I think all the ones you would probably...
  10. Ken Jones

    Berkeley Bait & Tackle (Gone But Not Forgotten)

    It's happening up and down the coast. Rare to find actual bait shops that are thriving. A number of factors are involved but ultimately it's the ability to make a profit and given the problems with rent, changes in regulations and taxes, availabilty of live bait, high wholesale price (that...
  11. Ken Jones

    Halibut Limit Reduction?

    Hard to say. When I was on the Bay Delta Stamp Committe we argued long and hard with the Fish and Game trying to get them to build halibut rearing nets in the Alameda area (similar to the white seabass efforts down south). They consistanly refused saying that California halibut were not a...
  12. Ken Jones

    Noyo Harbor Pier

    I don't know how many have fished from the pier but the Noyo Harbor Pier listed in my book is apparently closed. I don't know for how long but just be warned in case you thought of heading up there for some herring.
  13. Ken Jones

    Filleting knife?

    I learned to fillet watching the deckhands clean rockfish and lingcod on the Stagnaro boats out of the Santa Cruz Wharf. It's not rocket science and fairly easy as long as you follow a few basics — and have a sharp knife. I remember cleaning many a fish at out Get Togethers in Catalina even...
  14. Ken Jones

    July 2019 Fishing Report, SoCal (#249)

    July 2019 Fishing Report, SoCal (#249) Remember — Lobster season closed on March 20 and any lobster caught accidently on hook and line must be returned to the water. San Diego County Piers Imperial Beach Pier – No report this month. How To Get There: From I-5 take the Palm Ave. (Hwy. 75)...
  15. Ken Jones

    Redondo Pier

    That's Redondo!
  16. Ken Jones

    Filleting knife?

    I've used many different brands of fillet knives and most of worked well but this is one area where you don'ty want to rely on a "dollar store" knife (which is OK for a bait knife). Get a good brand and sharpen it every time you use it. The size varies according to the type of fish you are catching.
  17. Ken Jones

    Mirage 6/3-6/4

    Congratulations on graduating.
  18. Ken Jones

    Happy Fathers Day Brotha's!

    Hope everyone had a good father's day!
  19. Ken Jones

    Is Manhattan pier closed to fishing?

    I have not hear any report on that. Perhaps closed to shark fishing.
  20. Ken Jones

    Ocean Beach Pier

    BTW, other than the new signs you really couldn't tell the pier had been damaged and closed for several months.