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    12 pound halibut caught

    Snookie's halibit.
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    Two Questions for Surf Perch Fans

    I enjoy eating perch.Here's a bunch of fillets from my last trip.
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    Cambria Surf

    Caught some nice perch in the Cambria surf.All fish caught on sand crabs.
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    Marin surf

    Good job on a nice fish.
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    Central Coast Rocks and Reefs 7/25 through 8/26

    I agree with Fishmom.Thanks for the report.
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    New Pier article — Sycamore Cove Pier

    That article does bring back memories for me. My dad use to take us there in the 50's - 60's. We used to catch a lot of barred perch on the rocks just north of the beach. My brother and I still go there occasionally just to re!ax and reminise about the old days.
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    Balboa Halibut

    Went out to Balboa pier this morning hoping to catch the elusive halibut.It didn't happen for me but my wife managed a 23 "keeper.Snookie was there to lend support in trying to net the fish.The fish was caught on a smelt in the surf area
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    Two Harbors 3/25-3/27

    Sounds like a real good time.
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    Central Coast 2/20-3/05

    Excellent report as usual.Thanks.
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    Winter Fishing on the Central Coast

    Always look forward to your reports.Those are some nice fish.
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    Avalon 12/23 - 12/24

    That's a really nice catch.
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    Another Balboa Keeper.

    John was able to catch this keeper halibut today at the pier."Snookie" was there to net it for him.He caught it in the surf on a sardine.
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    Balboa Pier Halibut.

    Was out there today and managed to land a 26 inch halibut.It was caught on a sardine near the surf.Nice day to be on the pier.
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    Overnighter on Mirage 11/18-11/19

    That's a nice catch.