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    Mystery fish at Balboa Pier.

    Thank you Andree
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    Mystery fish at Balboa Pier.

    My son, Hadrian, got his line snagged on a piling, shortly before discovering a very small fish on one of his hooks. Can anyone identify this fish? Epilogue: Hadrian rushed to throw back his catch, and almost as soon as it hitt the water a bunch of hungry smelt had it for hors d'oeuvres.
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    Bonito Recipe with a French twist

    A friend caught two bonitos at Hermosa Beach Pier. Open cleaned fish, remove the backbone and butterfly them. Place them in hot olive oil, with shrimps, add salt and pepper. Flip the fish, and cook until golden( 5 minutes), at the last minute, drizzle with white wine. Plating: serve with sliced...
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    Port Hueneme Pier, 10/19/19,

    Cabezon caught from the pier with jack smelt as bait
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    Crab Backs

    When crab backs are used for bait what part are they talking about? Henrie