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Berkeley 6-1-08

Posted by Sharkman20
on Jun-1-08 1:22pm

Woke up at 3 to drive from Sacramento to Berkeley pier to do some more halibut fishing today. Got some live bait at the dock and went down to the very end of the pier. I hauled the bait out in a rolley ice chest... I need to get myself a wagon or something like the other guys have out there. lol. Really nice weather at the pier today though. It was nice and sunny with a steady breeze. Fished from about 6 to 10:45 and didn't get so much as a single bite today. Had a 3 way set up going the whole time. I tried a sliding sinker rig all day friday and the crabs always seemed to get my bait. Either that or the bait would work itself off the hook. I usually hook them right behind the dorsal fin. If anyone has a better way to keep them on the hook I'm all ears.

Between me and my girlfriend and my roommate, we had 4 rods going. We were joined by a dozen or so other guys mid morning and nobody had much action. One of the guys furthest from me hooked up and landed a nice 24 incher. That was the only fish I saw landed today, though I guess a couple guys near the 3rd cleaning station caught 2 or 3. Headed back early since me and the gf have to work today... just wanted to get in a few hours before the weekend was up. lol. I'll be out there again next friday and probably sunday to try my luck again. I'll get my first butt one of these days.

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Berkeley 6-1-08   Sharkman20 - Jun-1-08 1:22pm

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