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palos Verde opaleye off the rock

Posted by dcc
on May-31-08 2:46pm

I have not fish the Ocean for about a year. Reading the pierfishing.com message board last night got me excited about another opaleye fishing off the PV rock.
I got to the PV about 7:30 AM, already there were about 10 people a head of me/ The wave is big today despite checking the website about predicted swell about 1-2 ft. Using my opaleye rod, 18 ft daiwa interline rod with about 6 lb diameter Fireline(14 lb rating) , I attached a weighted bobber and using good old green pea for bait.
After about 10 minutes, I saw my big red bobber submerged under the water, patiently waited about 2 minutes then I jerk the rod the hook up the fish then it ran 40 feet out. After reeling the line and maintain the rod position about 45 degrees above water, I got the fish close but still the fish was under the water, I lightlt pumped the fish in by tighteing my front drag on my 2000 Shimano Stradic reel and finally saw a glance of the fish. It is 16 inch long, and luckily I had my telescopic net(18 foot) net next to me.
Here is the picture of the fish/


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