Pier Fishing in California

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TONS of butts caught today

Posted by Sharkman20
on May-30-08 11:52pm

(In reply to: Get a 9-footer Bob. posted by Ken Jones on May-30-08 8:22pm)

Too bad I was one of the few that didn't get one. lol. I probably saw 20+ today caught and those are just the ones I saw. It was almost like every person who walked by had one. The guys at the end were doing really well. Some guy was leaving as I got there and was nice enough to give me the rest of his live chovies which I shared with another older guy who caught the bus in to do some fishing. My girlfriend got a bite but no hookup but the bait had definate tooth marks on it.

Oh and some guy caught a huge bat ray... probably 60 lbs or so, which he let just sit on the pier. I walked to the bathroom and came back and it was still sitting there. I think it got thrown back but not before being out of the water for over 20 minutes. People like that piss me off.

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