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OB Pier

Posted by msteiger
on May-30-08 3:44pm

still can't get my account to switch over...

hit up OB pier last night, 7-8:30 pm. i wanted to make catfish bait, so i was looking for mackerel. i saw a couple cleaning about 50 of them at the fish station, so i threw my line out right there. had a jack mackerel and a pacific mackerel in about 15 minutes. saw a few more coming over the rail here and there. i kept feeling little nibbles and eventually i pulled up a salema. i saw lots of those coming on on other peopl's sabikis. i had made bait and watched the sunset, so i head home. nice brief pier outing.

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OB Pier   msteiger - May-30-08 3:44pm

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