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Beautiful catches

Posted by gyozadude
on May-28-08 4:32pm

(In reply to: ~Salmon in the SoCal Surf~ posted by aznfisherman192 on May-27-08 11:12pm)

The greenish back on one of the fish pics may make it look like coho but it seems a bit small for a mature adult coho that should run 10 lbs or more. Coho identification signs are a dark grey mouth with white gums with faint spots only on top half of the tail and bright silver sides and thick anal fin. The top turns bluish/green in older adults. But it's extremely rarely find coho south of Monterey Bay.

Steelhead have fine spots on top of body, slender body profile, fine anal fin with just 8 - 12 soft rays and light coloured mouth. And if this is SoCal, there are steelhead which still run in Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, Ventura and Santa Clara rivers I think. Not many though, so this would be an incredible haul - 3 in one day on a crankbait/plug!

Fine catches from shore!


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