Pier Fishing in California

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Re: People on fishing piers

Posted by dryfish
on May-27-08 4:40pm

(In reply to: People on fishing piers posted by piemel on May-27-08 2:35pm)

I visit this board from time to time and don't get out to the pier much as I live in Arizona. I stop by Manhattan beach pier after going to the LA zoo on Saturday. It's wasn't too pack and was fishing near two guys that were very friendly and helpful. They offer me some mackerel for bait seeing that the squid I had wasn't working. Caught some smelt and mackerel and had a pleasant afternoon.

On Sunday, I went to Newport Beach Pier and that place was crowded. People were getting buckets of mackerel and very little else. It was good people watching however. Saw a lady clean mackerel as her husband caught them. That's new to me. With the place being so crowded, there were of course spot jumpers but that became less of an issue as every one was catching. A lot of tourist (including me) around and I didn't mind some of the ladies that walk down the pier from the beach :)! The weather was a bit cold but I won't tell them to cover up.

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