Pier Fishing in California

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People on fishing piers

Posted by piemel
on May-27-08 2:35pm

Are an eclectic mix. I spend my memorial day weekend on Paradise Pier and witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly.

My favorite charater on Friday was the one dude who kept drinking beer bottles even after he loudly announced that he ran out of beer hours ago. Somehow he had access to a magic stash of beer bottles that kept appearing out of nowhere. He and his buddy were superb fishermen by the way and I think he unhooked ever fish on the pier.

Then there are the nice folks who kindly helped me out offering me tips, live bait and all that. I wish I could remember names but camo dude with boots and pink-rimmed sunglasses sticks out. Thanks for the halibut, it tasted great on the bbq

The ugly side are the mobs of people that crowd you out, cross your lines on every cast, yell to their children and leave litter all over the place.

I am pretty sure I want to avoid piers on busy holiday weekends.... I am too old for that crap.

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