Pier Fishing in California

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Malibu pier 5_23_08

Posted by riorust
on May-25-08 7:43pm

I hit the pier at about 7am prior to the Chart House GTG, to get some bait. The pier itself was not crowded, in fact we had the end to our selves until about 1pm.

Red tide was evident all day. Bait was available all day, at least until 4pm, when I headed to the Charthouse. I used a size 12 sabiki tipped with shrimp and had a steady bite by 8-12" mackerel about 30 feet out from the pier. In close to the pilings 4-6" smelt could be had on the same rig, no takers on the live bait rigs though, just crab attacks. (Gilled and gutted with no tail racking).

The pier is about to go off, all we need is a couple of days of clear water. I'm guessing next weekend.

Excellent sport for those who like the more robust piscatorial indulgences.

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Malibu pier 5_23_08   riorust - May-25-08 7:43pm
Ginny at Wylies said there were a lot of macs...   Ken Jones - May-26-08 10:26am
Re: Ginny at Wylies said there were a lot of macs.   riorust - May-26-08 3:25pm

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