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Re: searhing for current fishing report/sanpablo b

Posted by goingfishin
on May-25-08 10:05am

(In reply to: searhing for current fishing report/sanpablo bay posted by geraldkoons on May-24-08 2:29pm)

From USa Fishing May22

High winds are wreaking havoc along the coast, in the bays and though the Delta. While party boats have been posting some good to incredible halibut scores in the bay it's been a too rough for the majority of private boaters to get out. The good news is that the winds will start to lay down in the bays on Friday and much calmer weather is forecast through the long Memorial Day Weekend.
Despite the windy weather party boats are posting some good counts. On Thursday 5-22 the Emeryville Sport Fishing had the New Huck Finn on a full-day trip out with the Tigerfish on an afternoon trip. Craig said the wind wasn't any different from a "normal summer afternoon slop in front of the fog only without the fog." Both boats hadn't come back to the docks by this afternoon. Yesterday, the C Gull II brought in total of 14 halibut to 27-pounds and 9 bass to 14-pounds for their 12 anglers on board. The boats have lots of room for the weekend.
James Smith fished San Quentin, Paradise and the Brothers for a combined 40 halibut to 31 pounds and 10 stripers to a whopping 6 pounds. The hot halibut bite has been in San Pablo bay. Both James and his dad Jim have lots of room this week and next.
John Akina at Oyster Point Bait, Tackle and Deli reported nobody out today in the high winds. The launch ramp at Oyster Point will be closed from June 1st through September 1st , as they are putting in a new ramp and dock complex. The bait shop will remain open and will be accessible both by boat or by automobile. The closest launch ramps to Oyster Point remaining open are Coyote Point to the south or Mariposa in San Francisco.
Keith Fraser of Loch Lomond Bait and Tackle said it was "worse than the North Atlantic" today with one boat out, and he was hoping that it would make it back. The high winds kept all of the small boats off the water. The Morningstar fished yesterday and put in 17 halibut, but they came in early as a result of the wind. Keith expected the winds to die down in the next couple of days, and they have plenty of live shiners for the Memorial Day weekend.
Mike at Mike's Bait in Oakland reported very little angler interest in the wind, but there have been a group of fishermen throwing Custom Craft Green Sardine swimbaits off of the Alameda Rockwall for halibut and stripers. An 8-pound halibut was brought in this morning.

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