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Re: Is it illegal to snag WSB?

Posted by pierhead
on May-22-08 12:36pm

(In reply to: Is it illegal to snag WSB? posted by Sin_Coast on May-22-08 10:36am)

The problem with snagging is the potential fatal damage it does to undersized fish that must be released. From previous posts here on this subject it seems that the DFG resists imposing an anti-snagging regulation simply to protect the interests of party boat operators who would complain about having to release foul-hooked fish such as barracuda.

I have seen a significant drop in the numbers of pier caught corbina at Goleta due to numerous snaggers over the past few years - there are several apparently organized groups which have been known to fish for sale. This is an important loss since for years Goleta was known as one of the few places that you could catch corbina on bait.

I'm hoping that eventually the County will step in and impose a local ordinance to protect the resources at Goleta which is one of their mandated objectives ... I don't see any protection coming at the State level in the near future.

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