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Not illegal unfortunately

Posted by gyozadude
on May-22-08 11:52am

(In reply to: Is it illegal to snag WSB? posted by Sin_Coast on May-22-08 10:36am)

AFAIK, the ocean regs for 2008/2009 are not sufficiently explicit enough to the point that it outlaws snagging. I've checked section 28.65 on general gear restrictions as well as 28.35 for White seabass.

Ironically, snagging is explicitly illegal for Stripers and sturgeon as stated in the regs section 27.85 and 27.90. Go figure.

So where there is absent prohibitions... it's legal. And if ticketed for such a violation, the regs are obscure enough such that most folks would never be able to interpret intent of the law... well, then the law is unenforceable and a judge would have to throw out a citation as such as well intentioned as any law enforcement person was.


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