Pier Fishing in California

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Kite Fishing link

Posted by pierhead
on May-22-08 8:54am

(In reply to: kite fishing? posted by bnnfsh on May-21-08 1:25pm)

The link below seems to have a fairly comprehensive overview of the many aspects of kite fishing.

I would imagine flying a kite from a pier would only work under the proper conditions including how variable the winds are in direction and strength which probably would rule out fly lining (suspending the bait on the surface) unless you used a bobber and released the line from the kite. Also how crowded the pier is would be another factor.

Sure would be an interesting method to explore especially if all you wanted to do was get the bait to the bottom in an area of usually innacessible structure.

Good topic for followup. Best of luck out there and let us know how it goes.

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