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Penn International 975 Star Drag Rebuild

By Alan Tani

Since there’s been some interest in these reels, I thought I’d skip to this reel next. a friend brought in a set of 9 series star drag Penn Internationals. Here’s a link to the schematic....


and here are the reels.

Right off the bat, there were a few “problems” noted.

First remove the handle and the star, including the handle nut cap screw (key #32), the handle nut cap (key #110A), the handle nut (key #23), the handle assembly (key #24), the star drag (key #10), the two disc clutch springs, aka. bellevilles (key #18) then back out the two sideplate screws (key #38). The side plate and the spool can not be removed as separate units.

Take this time now to remove, grease and reinstall the rod clamp screws (key #34).

Lube the left spool bearing and the levelwind assembly. Re-install the spool and set it aside.

Remove the right side plate screws (key #50A).

Remove the right side plate and set aside the bearing clutch shaft (key #98S) and the roller bearing (key #98B).

Remove the drag metal and fiber washers and the main gear in order.

This is what you should have left. if the inner side plate is dissassembled further than this, refer to this photo for reassembly.

Apply a generous coat of Shimano or Cal’s drag grease to the drag washers and reassemble the drag stack.

Replace the anti-reverse roller bearing assembly with new parts if you find extensive damage such as this.

Re-install the side plate, the star and the handle, and you’re done. If you want to take a quick look at your reel, you need only back out the two “take-apart screws” in the right side plate (key #38) and the side plate comes off cleanly for a quick inspection. Grab your camera and let us know what you find!