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Butt Length

The length from the reel seat to the butt cap is an adjustable item that will help improve the sensitivity and your control of a rod. Most factory rods try to provide a length that is suitable to the size of the rod. Unfortunately, that is close to saying let’s only make size 8 shoes and the customer has to adapt. The butt length should be person specific, such that when you are holding the reel in its normal use position the end of the butt should be at your elbow. This way you can support the rod with your forearm without having to have a death grip on it.

In my case, the distance from the reel seat to the butt cap is 16-p inches and that is one of the first things that I look for when rod shopping or building. While extending or shortening the butt is an option, although usually an expensive one, it is better to use butt length as a criteria when purchasing a new rod.

This Tackle Tip offered Ron Crandall of Ron’s Reel Repair