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Event:Bigrich Memorial Fishing Event
Date:Fri Aug 18 2017
Location:Hs Lordships Berkeley Marina
Organizer:red fish
Description:Hello everyone,

I have received word from the family that there will be a fishing memorial for our friend Richard "Big Rich" McIntosh.

The memorial will be on 8/18/2017, and will be held in the Berkeley Marina at the picnic table in the parking lot of H/S. Lordships restaurant.

08/18/17 at 700 PM.

Bring your pole and cast a line....

A few things about this spot.

If you do want to fish this spot, a LICENSE IS REQUIRED & only 1 pole at a time can be in the water.

2) This spot tends to need heavy gear as it is primarily a Shark/Ray spot (although looking at my notes over the years I find that I have in fact caught 2 Halibut there (1 short, 1 barely legal, & a dozen or so keeper sized striped bass)

3) I will be conducting the service and saying a few things and will invite comment from anyone who knew Rich. Then we can fish.


Shoot me a PM or hit me up on Facebook if you have any questions.

God Bless

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This was a nice send off for the big guy. Nice quiet, small memorial ceremony. We have dubbed the spot "McIntosh Cove," so if you see me reference it in the future, you know what and where I speak of.
Ken Jones made his presence at the memorial as well as other friends and family to include Rich's oldest sister and her family as well as Rich's mother.
Well Rich, you've been saying you miss your twin Clayton for the five years he's been gone; you've finally gone to reunite with him! I will handle the fishing down here...
BTW-you are officially added to the "one last cast" list along with GDude, Stan Low, and the rest...

  -Posted by red fish on Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 10:09 PM

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