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Event:Diamond Classic - Kids' Division
Date:Sat Jan 28 2017
Location:Martinez Pier
Organizer:red fish
Description:Come and help out at the Martinez Pier Saturday morning!

Patrick Avellino is the event organizer
RSVP: Attending (5 total): red fish(2), xpostman(3)
Not Attending (0 total): none


A difficult day on the water! I joined Frank, Patrick, Art and a few other volunteers to assist the children with bait and rods. Too much freshwater in the straits and no pile (bay) shrimp coming up in the shrimp trap; I pulled one shrimp!
I even soaked some eel and herring while volunteering all day and did even get anything that resembled a nibble, pump, suicide bite!
The highlight of day was sharing fishing knowledge and camaraderie with this group of elite fishermen. And, oh yeah, the weather wasn't to bad either! I did not get to stay too long at the awards ceremony because 1.) it didn't start on time 2. I had a dinner engagement.
Patrick, thanks again for including me in on this annual event that I always look forward to.

  -Posted by red fish on Monday, January 30, 2017 - 10:03 AM

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