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Event:Mud Marlin Derby X1V
Date:Sat May 16 2015
Location:Berkeley Pier
Organizer:red fish
Description:Bat Ray (Mud Marlin) Fishing

Berkeley Pier
100 Sea Wall Drive
Berkeley, California 94710

Time: 6:00pm to Midnight-(3rd cleaning sink to end of pier)

*Hans Jones (aka Sofa King) is the main coordinator for this year's event. Please refer to the PFIC Message Boards>Pier and Surf Fishing>Announcement: Mud Marlin 2015!!!!! at the top of the page for further information/rules.

* Also stop in at Berkeley Marina Sport-Fishing Center for all of your bat-ray and tackle needs. A generous sponsor of MMD 2014-15. (510) 849-2727 ask for Hans!
RSVP: Attending (7 total): red fish(1), West Coast Dave(6)
Not Attending (0 total): none


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