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Event:Mud Marlin Derby X111/James Liu Memorial
Date:Sat May 17 2014
Location:Berkeley Pier
Organizer:red fish
Description: Bat Ray (Mud Marlin) Fishing

Berkeley Pier
100 Sea Wall Drive
Berkeley, California

Time: 6:00pm- Midnight (3rd cleaning sink to end of pier)

This is it! Same as in the past, with a few changes. This will be less formal and with a special memorial service for our passed UPSAC member James Liu who has been a key supporter of this event since its inception.

Look for ANYTHING to happen in El Nino!!! All other storms bow to El Nino!!! - Chris Farley

*No bat rays yet March 17th (maybe one miscellaneous here/there) at BP*
*Oh what a difference a day makes! March 22nd more rays than you can shake an Ugly Stik at... especially on the back flats. "Let the games begin!" -Walter Matthau (Grumpy Old Men).

I will be updating this info. Update: fishing has been sporadic with sporadic weather as well to date of 05/09/2014. I am hoping for hot weather similar to the heat wave promised after this weekend, but we'll see. I am in a somewhat solemn mood with what has happened to James Liu. I feel I owe it to him to attend at least this one last time in dedication to the earnestness he put into making the past 12 MMD's enjoyable for me personally. I am getting older, and really, as of this year, I don't really fish for mud-marlin any longer (maybe just shark or utilize a bait so big only an overstuffed marlin could touch). I will fish this time to honor the memory of a true friend in the organization UPSAC/PFIC...
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Ken, Hans, Brian, Dustin and I will be working on this event...
RSVP: Attending (8 total): Red Fish(1), West Coast Dave(7)
Not Attending (0 total): none


AS solemn event it was! All quiet on the western front at the end of the pier; not a solitary batray! BigRichard was the first on "the boards" with a batray! So, he held 1st place until late in the game; later he was bumped to third, and in the last minutes relieved of a third-place win. Glasses were tipped in honor of James Liu, and I observed a moment of silence all night long on my G-Dude Redux rod, as I got skunked!
  -Posted by red fish on Sunday, May 18, 2014 - 9:04 AM

Thanks to all that helped and attended! This could be the last one! Special thanks in no particular order to: Hans Jones, Ken Jones, Richard McIntosh, Brian Linebarger for making this thing really happen!
  -Posted by red fish on Sunday, May 18, 2014 - 9:06 AM

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