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Event:10th Annual PFIC/USAC Get Together
Date:Sat Apr 16 2011
Location:Avalon, Santa Catalina Island
Organizer:Ken Jones
Description:10th annual Get Together!!!

Schedule of Events:

Friday night "Get Together Dinner" for those who have arrived by Friday. It's optional, but now a tradition—and a lot of fun. Details to be announced.

The Main Event - Saturday April 16th
10:00 a.m. Get Together begins at The Mole
10:30-2:30 Fishing Derby
12:00-1:00 Potluck Lunch*
2:45-3:30 Gather at the center of the mole and winners for the derby will be announced.
*As in years past, food will available for those who participate in the potluck at the Mole.

Fishing Derby Rules - Under Revision/To be posted.

Time: 10:30-2:30
Place: The Mole (all fish must be caught at the mole)
Fish: This is being revised.
Fee: none (Suggested donation to UPSAC of $5)

All fish must be counted in between 10:30-2:30. A 5-minute warning will be given so that everyone knows the finish time. All fish must be hooked prior to 2:30 and landed by 2:35.

General info:

Just about every question that you could think of can be found with a little research at this site:


But if you are unable to find it, please post it here in the event organizer.

How to Get There:

There are a number of ways to get there, from helicopters to planes to boats, but the most common way is through www.catalinaexpress.com. The round trip adult fare is around $50, however most companies that do employee discounts for theme park tickets etc., offer discounts for these tickets and there are senior and child fares, all of which can be viewed via this link:


Where to stay:

If people follow past habits, most will be staying at the Hermosa Hotel which is, by far, the least expensive hotel at Avalon. They have also agreed to give people a 10% discount if you say you’re with UPSAC. The rooms are clean and comfortable but it’s definitely not the Ritz. The cheapest rooms are hostel style, bathroom down the hall as well as split, private bathrooms, and very reasonable cabins for families.

The address below gives the website to check out the various room/cabin rates and they do now have a few rooms that actually have heaters and air conditioners. If past events prove true make your reservations early.


As for other hotels just go to:


This will provide you with a complete list of the hotels in Avalon. You can also call the Chamber of Commerce at 310-510-1520 or just ask for some recommendations here in the event organizer or on the board.

The fishing is generally good although most of the fish are small or mid-sized. Limited bait is available at the end of the Green Pleasure Pier as well as at Hi Tide Traders located near the pier on the boardwalk/Crescent Ave. They have a modest but decent supply of tackle but the bait is frozen squid and anchovies, so if you need to bring something more, please feel free.

Also, please know that I nor any entity, including but not limited to UPSAC, PFIC, or person accepts responsibility or liability for any person attending this event. Your attendance is purely voluntary and your safety is purely your own responsibility. Fishing is inherently dangerous and proper foresight and caution should be taken in regards to yours and others safety.

Phone #'s
Catalina Chamber of Commerce - 310-510-1520
Catalina Express - 800-481-3470
Hermosa Hotel - 310-510-1010
Catalina Flyer from Marina Del Rey - 310-305-7250
Avalon Harbor Master - Brian Brey - 310-510-0535
Hi Tide Traders - 310-510-1612
Antonio's - 310-510-0008
Vons Express - 310-510-7397
RSVP: Attending (9 total): Ken Jones(1), baitfish(4), wimvuist(2), Red Fish(2)
Not Attending (0 total): none


the event is advertised as the 16th and the 24th.

which is it?

  -Posted by corki on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 9:57 PM

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