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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 8:53 pm
east bay fisher

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Ethan and I fished on the Tigerfish out of HMB today. The day started out with some wide open action on blue/black rockfish. Later we tried a few different spots a few miles off San Gregorio. Lingcod fishing was slow but I was smashing the hardheads on 30 lb spectra and a 6 oz bar w/blue hoochie. I caught a couple nice vermillions in the 4 pound range, a few big bolinas, more fat gophers, a couple canary's, one starry rockfish, and a small yelloweye about a foot long. Ethan also caught some nice vermillions and olives. We left the fishing grounds about 1:30 and headed back to the harbor. Here are some pics on the website from today of Ethan and I on thelink.http://tigerfishsportfishing.com/report.htm
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