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>> Oct. 2009 Fishing Report—Cen Cal (#141) — [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:18 pm
Ken Jones

Posts: 9767
Location: California

California Pier Report — Oct. 2009

Central California

San Luis Obispo County Piers

Pismo Beach Pier— No report this month. How To Get There: From the north, take Hwy. 101 to the Five Cities Dr. exit; follow Dolliver into the middle of town, then turn west on Pomeroy and follow it to the pier and parking lot. From the south, take the Pismo Beach Exit (Price St.), follow it to Pomeroy; turn west and follow it to the pier.

Avila Pier – My daughter was down to the pier this week and said fish and fishermen were absent. The baitfish were hitting up until last week but they come and go. How To Get There: Take Hwy. 101 to Avila Rd. and go west; turn left off of Avila Rd. on to Front St. and follow it to the pier.

Port San Luis (Harford) Pier — Debbie, at Patriot Sportfishing on the pier, says the fishing has been hit and miss. When the baitfish (sardines, mackerel, jacksmelt) are in everyone gets them but they are in some days and missing others. Not much on the bottom although a few skates have been taken. How To Get There: Take Hwy. 101 to the Avila Rd. turnoff and head west; follow the road to the end and the pier.

Morro Bay T-Piers – Baitfish have been in the bay and with them some bat rays (try sardines/mackerel/smelt for bait). Not much else. How To Get There: From Highway 1 turn south onto Main Street, follow it to Morro Bay Boulevard, turn left toward the bay and follow it to Embarcadero, turn right and follow Embarcadero to the end of the public parking which adjoins the piers.

Cayucos Pier — Glenda at the Tidepool says fishing has been relatively slow with a mix of perch, jacksmelt and sardines. Not too many sharks have been seen. How To Get There: Take Highway 1 to either Ocean Boulevard, which is the main street and will take you past the pier, or take the Cayucos Drive exit which will take you straight to the pier.

San Simeon Pier — Some days the sardines are thick but there hasn’t been much on the bottom. Haven’t heard if any sharks show up at night. How To Get There: Highway 1 to the entrance to the park.

Monterey-Santa Cruz-San Mateo County Piers

Monterey Wharf #2 — Apparently things have slowed although the baitfish do continue to come and go. How To Get There: From Highway 1 take the central Monterey exit and follow Del Monte Avenue to Figueroa Street, turn left and follow to the wharf.

Seacliff State Beach Pier — Baitfish and larger fish were around until mid-month but it seems to have slowed. However, a great white was reportedly hooked at the pier by a fisherman using a sardine as bait on 10/1. He said 50-60 stripers were hanging near the surf area before the great white showed up. How To Get There: How To Get There: From Highway 1 take the State Park Drive exit; follow the road west to the park entrance.

Capitola Wharf — Ed says people were filling buckets with sardines all week up until Thursday when the fish went missing. He says there have been a few small stripers and a couple of halibut but everything slowed with the disappearance of the baitfish. Don’t forget, the bait shop also now has a good fishing report on the shops website for those wanting additional information: (http://capitolaboatandbait.com/fishing-report). How To Get There: From Highway 1 take the Bay Avenue exit west until it hits Capitola Avenue where you turn right; stay on this to Cliff Drive, turn right and park wherever you can find a spot.

Santa Cruz Wharf — Kayla, at Andy’s Bait and Tackle, at the end of the wharf, says the action has slowed. A few perch are still showing and she’s heard a few reports of halibut in the shallows but the baitfish have disappeared as have most fishermen. How to Get There: There are many ways to get to the wharf, the way I usually go is to take Ocean Street south from Highway 1; when you get to Laurel Street turn right and follow it to Pacific Street, turn left and follow Pacific to the wharf.

Pillar Point Pier — A few sardines are still around along with a few mackerel (use Sabikis); it’s fairly low on the bottom. How To Get There: From Highway 1 simply take the Pillar Point Harbor turnoff and follow the road down to the main parking lot. This pier is to the far right of the parking lot

Pacifica Pier – Cheryl, at The Rusty Hook, 2120 Palmetto Ave., says things are slowing down and although a few perch are being landed; baitfish come and go. How To Get There: Take Highway 1 to Pacifica, take the Paloma Avenue-Francisco Boulevard exit, take Paloma west to Beach Road, turn left and proceed a short way until you see markers indicating the way to Fort Point, turn left on Long Avenue and it will take you down to the pier.

Support UPSAC! Preserve pier and shore angling in California.
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