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>> Jordona Santiago of Martinez Bait & Tackle is reporting. [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2006 3:02 pm
Ken Jones

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Location: California

Jordona Santiago of Martinez Bait & Tackle is reporting great fishing over the last week.  The water temperature is up and the fish are active.  The tides after 6:00 am are good thru the early evening.  A few stiper are being reported in the Mothball fleet and a bunch of sturgeon were caught.  Ghost, grass shrimp, and pile worm were the best baits.  The middle of the fleet from bouy 4 down towards the bridge have been the most productive biting grounds.  Mike Gallinetti of Walnut Creek caught a 31"/ 11.3 lb. striper at bouy 2 on grass shrimp.  Hana Kim of Berkeley caught a 24" striper at bouy 4 on grass shrimp.  Rich Suppan of Rancho Cordova caught a 31"/ 12 lb. striper at bouy 4 on a grass/ghost combo.  Mark Thayer of Martinez caught a 33.5"/ 14 lb. striper at the 3rd row of ships on ghost shrimp.  Catching keeper sturgeon were Jeff Arnold of Concord with a 54.5" caught at Montezuma on grass shrimp.  Linda Morgan of Martinez with a 48" caught on grass shrimp at bouy 4 with two oversized that she released.  Larry Varela of Sacramento with a 49.5" caught at the first row (West end) on a grass/pile combo.  Shawn Shannonbrook of Placerville with a 51" caught at the first row on the same bait.  Six year old Haley Wantland of San Ramon with a 54" caught on ghost shrimp at the first row.  Her father Rod with a 52" in the same place.  Armando Coro of Sacramento with a 55" caught at bouy 4 on ghost shrimp.  Carl Moyer of Concord with a 52" at the third row on grass shrimp.  Moyer also released a 60 and 70".  Trevor Rose of Orinda caught and released a 64" sturgeon at bouy 4 on pile worm along with 4 shakers.  Allan Rose of Orinda released a 76" from the same area.  Flannery Banks of Chico caught and released two sturgeon from the first row.  The 59 and 64" were caughy on ghost shrimp.  Mike Woodyard of Concord released a 62 and 65" sturgeon at the third row caught on ghost shrimp.  Mitch Harper of Martinez caught and released a 72" sturgeon from the third row on ghost shrimp. 
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