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>> Jordona Santiago of Martinez Bait & Tackle is reporting. [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 8:39 am
Ken Jones

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Location: California

Jordona Santiago of Martinez Bait & Tackle is reporting great fishing this week.  The sturgeon are biting from the Ozol area on up through Montezuma slough.  Some striper being caught from the Martinez pier and shoreline.  This weekend's late morning through early evening tides are the best to fish.  Pile worm, grass shrimp, ghost shrimp and eel have been choice dining for the diamond backs.  Anchovie and ghost shrimp for the striper.  Chile Gene Layne of Sacramento caught a 62"/58 lb. sturgeon (released) at bouy 4 on pile worm.  Andrew Monteyne of Moraga caught an 8'+ sturgeon (released) at bouy 4 on grass shrimp.  It was an est. 286 lbs.  Jeremy Kangas of Martinez caught and released an 82"/ 148 lb. sturgeon at bouy 4 on eel.  Brian Fantini of Martinez caught and released a 66"/ 74lb. sturgeon in the Glomar area on grass shrimp.  Stephen Wright of Pleasant Hill caught and released a 6'+ sturgeon at bouy 2 on grass shrimp.  Rich Kohler of Concord caught a 51" sturgeon in the Montezuma slough on ghost shrimp.  Lee Michels of Walnut Creek caught and released a 6' sturgeon on pile worm in the Montezuma slough.  Alan Honea of Martinez caught his first keeper sturgeon (46.25") in the Ozol on ghost shrimp.  Erik Pittam of Martinez caught a 50"/29 lb. sturgeon in the Ozol on pile worm.  Charles Coday of Martinez caught and released a 50" sturgeon in the Ozol on a ghost/eel combo.  Scott Tynan of San Diego caught and released a 47" sturgeon at bouy 4 on a ghost/eel combo as well.  Trevor Rose of Berkeley caught and released a 56" sturgeon at bouy 4 on pile worm.  Robert Lane and Jason Lindsey of Martinez had a banner day with a 53" and 56"+ released sturgeon from bouy 4 on ghost shrimp, as well as a 26" striper.  14 year old, John Haile of Martinez caught his first keeper striper from the Martinez pier totaling 20.5" at 3.5 lbs. on anchovie.  Greg Layne of Sacramento caught a 22" striper at bouy 4 on ghost shrimp.  Danny Cornje of Pinole caught a 23"/ 5.5 lb. striper on pile worm from the Eckley pier.  
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PFIC Message Boards >> Pier and Surf Fishing Reply to this topic
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