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PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2006 9:32 pm

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Hey folks.

Now that I've graduated to baitcasters and conventionals, I need to clear out some of my current inventory. There's only so much tackle you can fit into a one bedroom apartment. So, for your consideration:

Okuma Coronado 65 Baitfeeder Reel. Bought it for $75, but it's yours for $50. Used about a dozen times. A few minor scratches aside, this baby is tip top.

Daiwa Emblem, Med/Heavy action. 10 foot, 2pcs. Rated for 15-30lb test; 3-6 oz lures. Like the Coronado, used about a dozen times. This baby is tip top. Looks good, works great. Bought it for $100, but it's yours for $60.

If you buy the Coronado/Emblem combo together, it's yours for $100.

Shimano Baitrunner 3500B. Bought it for $110, but it's yours for $60. I've had for about two years. Caught just about everything with it - BSP, YFC, WSB, SGF, Halis and Batrays - and has many more years of faithful service left in it.

Shimano Clarus Steelhead/Salmon spinning rod. 8'6" in lenght, 2 pcs. Rated for 8-17lb test, 1/4 - 1oz lures. I have the Baitrunner mounted on this rod. Sensitive, yet strong. One of the favorite pieces of equipment in my arsenal. It is a little beat up from up from use, but I assure you it's only cosmetic. This baby picks up perch nibbles but is strong enough to horse in a medium sized batray. Bought it for $70, but I'll part with it for $40.

If you buy the Baitrunner/Clarus together, I'll let 'em go for $80.

All prices are O.B.O. I live in the SoCal, LAX area to be exact. Give me a call, lets make a deal. I'm always willing to talk turkey with a fellow PFIC'er. (310) 428-5561.
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