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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 9:56 am

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the fred hall show, long beach, 2018

wednesday, march 7th, 2018

this is it!  this is the big one.  everybody is here.  it's friday morning now, i've been cruising around for the last two days just saying hi to everyone and figuring out where people were.  of course, my absolute first stop had to be the izorline booth to see wendy tochihara.  there are so few women in the fishing industry, so to find someone like her is truly rare!

and then there's rosie flowers at cedros sportfishing.  just so you guys know, she's almost 6 feet tall!

we must always pay homage to one of the greats in this industry, cal sheets!  he and eric are back in the same booth.  i just did a full post on the new penn 50 visx.  every time i went by, people were three deep surrounding him.  i was lucky to get this shot of him and eric when i did.  i'll try to catch up with them later!

the rest of the day was just spent cruising around.  i also spent a fair amount of time at the marla sport fishing booth helping out danny and scotty osuna from puerto vallarta.  

thursday, march 8th, 2018

had a nice breakfast with khan adams and jack bradley, then drove out early to the seeker factory.  khanh is our rod guy.  he was in heaven!  got to meet jose ortega!!!!!!

got to meet nick lam as well!

if this doesn't make you guys drool, i don't know what will!

now, back to the show!  

here's rainshadow!

the rod builder's gallery was really cool!


vince from phenix!

joe from johnson/hicks marine!  these are the guys that rigged my boat!

soft steel!

angler wear!  just bought a bunch of their stuff.  no more ratty old t-shirts for me!!!!


tony is hangin' out at the cousins booth!




p-line!  these guys are only 30 minutes from my house!

lots of deal to be had!


we do alot of bottom fishing.  these looked interesting!

the izor laboratory!

dan hernandez!

the great gary loomis and north fork!

these guys had some interesting stuff.  going to have to get back later and take a look!

this was a real surprise!  this is wes seigler of seigler reels (aka, truth reels), all the way from virginia.  he's got some great reels.  make sure you stop and take a look!!!!!

frontier charters!

my friend, mark daugherty, east cape guides and van wormer resorts!


orchid martinez!

the yamada's and alaska reel adventures.  i've gotta get up there someday!

john bretza and denny kaneoka at the okuma booth!

we hit the sushi bar with the underwater camera guys and drank way too much, which is why this report is late!  more photos and videos to come!

eddie's brother, grady white 258

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:20 am

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I used to go the show when I was living in LA. Lots and lots of stuff to see and buy.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:35 pm

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It was great to meet you in person.

I will post our picture later.

Hashem from Cedros Outdoor Adventures booth.
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