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>> Eureka Day Trip [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:13 pm

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So my son and I decided we needed to get a day of ocean air and made the trek to Eureka. High tide and sun up were pretty close to the same time and we hit the North Jetty.

Upon arrival the wind was bad and trying to tie on rigs in the dark and wind was an interesting challenge. Anyway, get out on the rocks, and the swell is pretty bad. 7-8 foot easy. We tried a few different jigs, baits and set ups and not even a nibble. I also threw out a squid on a bottom rig and found that the crabs love squid. Gave up after a couple hours. Bonus was the wind stopped just as sun came out.

We went and had a cup of coffee and then lunch at sizzler and figured we spend the rest of the day at the boardwalk.

We set up on the walk at peak of low tide. Fished the whole afternoon and evening and let me tell you them crabs were persistent. Didn't matter how high above the weight the bait was, the crabs would attack. Definitely need to bring a slip float with me next time, fish and learn. I did catch two of those pesky bullheads on my new rod so it is officially broken in.

The boardwalk was nice and relaxing with some downsides. Be prepared to smell lots of weed being smoked. They were all nice enough to try and not smoke it too near us, there's lots there. Most people were nice and interested in the fishing we were doing, I'm not the most social so that's not great for me, but my son handled most of that. Had my first person ever give me crap for hurting the poor fish. I let it go and ignored her and she moved on.

All in all, my son and I had a great day together. As well as a needed day away from home and everything else.
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