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>> November, 2017 on the Central Coast [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:31 pm

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Ahhh, November! The month of change. Water change, weather change, holidays. For me, I start fishing some of the shallower spots that I donít fish the rest of the year. They are smaller spots that donít hold a lot of fish. Usually, every place has some fish. You just have to figure out the formula for getting them to bite. One thing that was consistent was that when the fish would bite, I did best about two hours before or after high tide at the shallower spots or two hours after low tide in the deeper spots.

This first picture is from one of the shallower spots that I havenít fished in the last 6 months. 11/2

11/8: These fish were caught at low tide at a deeper spot. The grassie was caught on smelt and the cab was caught on squid. I break down a pkg. of squid and refreeze them in small zip-lock packages of 3 or 4 squid. I use these when the fish wonít bite on the fresh smelt (or I havenít been able to catch any smelt).

11/13: These four fish were caught in a shallow spot - all on smelt. I fished out far at high tide.

I moved to a deeper spot and caught the best fish of the month, a 21Ē cab. He was caught casting right into the smelt. It must have taken 10 minutes to get him in because he just kept sticking me in the kelp. I released this fish in hopes of producing more cabs for the future.

11/20: I spent a couple days at the State Park and spent some time fishing, of course. I fished several different spots, all day, for nothing. I finally tried a deep spot, about two hours before sundown, and started getting bites and catching fish. A couple of fish were nice size black and yellows which have been rare lately.

I threw in a picture of somefish cakes I had made earlier this month and these fish made some more cakes and fish poíboys.

Itís not often that I am out fishing this late in the day, so I took some pictures of the beautiful sunset.

11/21: Got out again early, went to the same place as the day before, this time at high tide, and caught nothing. So I did the same thing I did on the day before, went out late in the day at low tide and caught some nice grassies.

Went home from my camping trip with some nice fish.

Fishing in November is always interesting. The cabs start moving in to shallower water, the water is getting rougher, the kelp is getting ripped out and deposited on the rocks and beaches. Weather is changeable, off-shore conditions - lots of wind, and the water? who knows from day to day.

"Mrs. Kittyfish, we'll just drive up to one more point, it's just a couple miles further, and look at the rocks. No more, I promise"
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