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>> October on the Rocks and Reefs [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:29 pm

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Chasing the elusive fishies..... That could be placed on my headstone someday. It would be very appropriate.

First off, an apology for being so slow in getting this onto the Message Board. We are having some problem adapting to a new method of adding pictures to the posts. Hope it works this time.

I spent two days camping and fishing at a State Park early in the month. Catching fish in the morning and scouting in the afternoon.



Caught some nice fish, but by far, the best fish was a 19 1/2Ē grass rockfish. That mean fish tried to bite me and stick me even though I released him. Unfortunately, the release didnít come out very good in the picture.

You can see from the pictures below that there were some fish to be caught but you had to be careful of your footing. Lots of bull kelp and debris washed up on shore. Always slippery.

Still catching some smelt and the rockfish were biting on it. As long as I can catch the smelt I will use them for bait and then change over to the frozen squid later.

Well, I said the smelt were biting. But that changed quickly. I wasnít able to get any smelt so I was forced to use frozen squid and some smelt I had frozen earlier. Nothing bit on the frozen smelt, but the squid was another story.

I couldnít find any rockfish but I did get three legal cabs.
Some notes on the ice chest: One of the best things you can do to make yourself better at cleaning your fish is to leave them in the ice chest over night and clean them the next day. The flesh will firm up and they will be a lot easier to clean. Also, if you bleed your fish (cut their throats) that gives you a handle for holding your fish and helps you control your knife. Try it.

The cabs made some great Mexican fish and no chips (beans and rice instead) at our local Mexican restaurant. Itís a treat to have somebody else cook for a change.

October is always an interesting month fishing on the Central Coast. Seasons are changing and you never know what your next fishing trip will be like.

"Mrs. Kittyfish, we'll just drive up to one more point, it's just a couple miles further, and look at the rocks. No more, I promise"
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