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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:23 pm
Ken Jones

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One of my favorite pier restaurants and it sounds like the rebuild of the Redondo Sportfishing Pier is not a guaranteed deal!

End of an era: Polly’s on the Pier set to relocate

It had to happen sometime. Polly’s on the Pier, a beloved Redondo Beach breakfast institution since 1988 will move in December from the dilapidated sport fishing pier to the International Boardwalk next to Naja’s Place.

The restaurant's relocation comes as the city determines whether to replace or to repair the small sport fishing pier near Seaside Lagoon. Pier replacement costs are estimated at $4 to $6 million. Simply repairing the pier could cost up to $600,000, providing about a six-year lifespan, according to a city staff report in August.

The Redondo Beach City Council previously voted unanimously to explore replacing the pier, but plans to gather public input before making a final decision. Either way, Polly’s will have to relocate.

In making the move possible, the city council on Tuesday approved a $80,000 buyout of the Corner Pub restaurant and a new lease for Polly’s at that location. Redondo Beach Sport Fishing and Whale Watch, which was also located on the pier, has already moved to a storefront on the International Boardwalk.

JoAnn Turk, who along with her husband have owned Polly’s for nearly 30 years, said while the new location does not provide as much outside seating, it’s still on the water and they should be able to maintain their customer base.

“Our hope, of course, is to go back on the new pier once it is built because we think that’s such a unique place,” Turk said. “We don’t downplay the role the location has played in our success.”

For decades, visitors from all over the world such as Richard Rolt from England have flocked to Polly’s for a taste of authentic South Bay culture.

“I travel all over the planet and Polly’s is the place to be,” said Rolt who visits Redondo Beach about once a year and always makes a point of eating at Polly’s. “It’s a great place to recover from jet lag.”

Diners Victor and Robbie Trujillo, enjoying breakfast on the patio on Wednesday morning, said they were bummed to potentially see the original Polly’s disappear.

“It’s just a shame to see it go,” Victor Trujillo said. “All of the little cafes are going away,” said Robbie Trujillo. “We love this quaint little place near the beach. They are taking all the culture away.”

Terry and Gary Warburton said they would also be disappointed if the current pier and Polly’s could not be saved. “We don’t want them to do it,” said Gary Warburton.

What to do with the Redondo Beach Sport Fishing Pier became an issue for the city council after a deal with CenterCal Properties to redevelop the waterfront entered a legal fight. Under a proposed agreement, the city would have rebuilt the pier and CenterCal would pay for constructing a new Polly’s.

Now, that the deal has fallen through with both sides claiming breach of contract, the city must decide on its own how to proceed.

“Polly’s is so well-loved,” said Mayor Bill Brand. “It’s great we found an alternative site for them. The city spending $80,000, it’s well worth it.”

When Polly’s first came into existence in 1988, the waterfront was just recovering from a massive storm and a fire that destroyed much of the Redondo Beach Pier. The restaurant's arrival to the sportfishing pier was delayed about six months because of repairs, Turk said, and during that time, they operated out of where the Corner Pub is now.

To help visitors find the new location, Turk asked the city to consider signage that directs people to the boardwalk.

“We anticipate some people will show up in May from London or Australia and say ‘where’s Polly’s?’” Turk said. “We hope you all take an opportunity to visit us in November and December.”

The Beach Reporter
November 8, 2017
David Rosenfeld

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:58 pm

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The new spot capacity is 1/2 of the pier location.

Not sure how long, perhaps few years at the new spot.

Only 5 of 15 employees will be kept.

The developer who was going to work on the project is backing out.

No one knows what is going to happen for sure.

It is a mess.
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