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>> Some history, Monterey wharf fishing in the 1800s [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:08 pm
Ken Jones

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Monterey Wharf Fishing

Monterey Items — Mr. Osio's boy, while fishing off the end of Jack's wharf, yesterday, fell over and came very near to being drowned. It seems that the boy had fastened the line around his waist, and a large shark catching with a sudden jerk on the hook, drew him overboard and was towing him out to sea, when he was rescued by a Portugese whose name we did not learn. Boys cannot be too careful of themselves when they go a fishing, as sharks are said to be quite numerous in the bay.
—Santa Cruz Weekly Sentinel, July 23, 1864

Horse mackerel are caught from the Monterey Wharf in large numbers.
—San Francisco Chronicle, June 21, 1870

Monterey, March 13, 1874—Mackerel fishing has commenced, and on favorable days a moderately skillful fisherman can secure a basket of several dozen fishing from the wharf.
—San Francisco Chronicle, March 15, 1874

Mackerel and Sardines

The annual visit of Horse Mackerel and Sardines, are now in full tide, all along the coast, amateur fishermen may be seen securing these choice and valuable fish. The sardines are dried in the sun, and the mackerel are salted away for winter use.
—Santa Cruz Weekly Sentinel, July 18, 1874

Monterey Waking Up — The showers of Wednesday and Thursday have laid the dust, and freshened us up a little. Mackerel is caught in good quantities. Whales are rather scarce. Mosquitoes are all gone. Visitors will be welcomed.
—San Francisco Chronicle, October 30, 1875

Mackerel are being caught on the Monterey side of the bay.
—Santa Cruz Weekly Sentinel, April 19, 1879

(Right) mackerel are now visiting Monterey Bay in numbers, making quite a bonanza to amateur and professional fishermen. They take the hook with as much spirit as trout and afford good sport,
—Santa Cruz Weekly Sentinel, October 28, 1882

Fishermen — From a Mr. Turner, who is stopping at Pacific Grove, two miles from Monterey, it is learned that six salmon were caught in the bay by trolling. One of these was taken opposite Pacific Grove, not a mile from shore. The same gentleman reports that bonitas have been unusually plentiful and that baracouta are not infrequently hooked. A few mackerel are also said to have been caught from the wharf at Monterey.
—San Francisco Chronicle, August 7, 1883

To a Fresnoite a Monterey morning in July is truly delightful. The bay is almost invariably perfectly smooth, the air invigorating but far from chilly; the peace of night has lulled the winds to rest to nature’s most inviting hour.
At the Grove the day begins at 4 a.m., when the expectant anglers bestir themselves and make ready to man their boats for an attack upon the flounders, cod, mackerel, smelt, salmon, and sometimes to be attacked by small sharks.
This fishing at anchor in thirty fathoms of water is not always amusing to the entire party and the recitals of the pale, gaunt, disgusted ones who return with empty stomachs and hearts filled with a total disregard for life and its pleasures is not calculated to popularize such sport among the timid and uninitiated.
Nothing is more enjoyable, however, than to be one of the proud crew, strangers to nausea, sitting in a well-made boat pulling in Monterey flounder. Tom cod fishing from the Monterey pier is the lazy man’s strong pull and any fool can here catch a basket of most toothsome fish.
Noon finds all again on shore.
—Fresno Republican, August 18, 1883

Run of Fish at Monterey

Monterey,—Horse mackerel are having a great run in Monterey bay, being so plentiful that they are easily caught with grabhooks from the wharf. Fishermen are having an unusually profitable season because of the variety of fish. Large shipments of sea bass, mackerel, pompano and barracouta are daily sent to San Francisco.
—Santa Cruz Sentinel, November 13, 1897

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