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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:18 am

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I take a day off last Friday and went fishing. First, I went down to Bean Hallow Pebble Beach. The surf was very rough around 10:30AM. Every cast, the waves just push the line back and mangle it with sea weeds, and that's with 3 oz sinker. It's unfishable. Then, I went back north to the Pillar Point south jetty. Waves was still rough, splashing over the rock wall. So, I was forced to fish the harbor side. I poked around until 2:00 PM, didn't get any bite. After that, I headed for the north jetty. Tide started to recede and calm down. I poked around until 5:00PM. Didn't catch much. I caught 3 brown rockfish total. Two under 10 inches, released. One 13" I kept. As for bait, I used dried squid, from the asian market, and soaked it in Gulp juice/Gulp crab marinade. I notice that when I caught the fishes, it takes the bait immediately, like 3 seconds after I put it in water. All 3 fishes hits immediately. It would be interesting to see in a party boat or a pier if I can outfish others Smile.
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PFIC Message Boards >> Pier and Surf Fishing Reply to this topic
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