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>> Harpooning Sharks From Piers, Ventura 1935 [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:55 am
Ken Jones

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Ton and Half Shark Ashore at Ventura

Ventura, Dec. 10.—McClellan Selby, Ventua carpenter has photographic proof of his 3,000 pound fish story.
He harpooned an 18-foot shark from the Ventura pier. When it was hauled ashore, a friend snapped a picture.

—San Bernardino County Sun, December 11, 1935

Ventura Harpoonists Again Battle Sharks

Ventura, Dec. 15.—For the second Sunday in succession, sharks with jaws large enough to swallow a man became the spear targets of veteran Ventura fishermen.

Armed with harpoons, great spike hooks, gaffs and guns, sportsmen who gathered by the hundreds today on Ventura’s pier, lost no time in pulling two of the 3,000-pound giants of the sea to the surface.

But Fisherman Mack Selby, who last Sunday brought to gaff one monster—size eighteen feet—was not among those present today, and as far as anyone knows the two big fish are still entwined in pilings somewhere down at the bottom of the sea.

Eyewitnesses know that the two harpoonists struck their mark, but they also know that their prey probably never will be brought to the surface.

The fish are described as basker or Cuban bone sharks, a species rarely seen in waters off this coastline.

Nowadays down at the wharf if one hasn’t a harpoon or a gaff he might as well pack up his pole and go home—for the big fellows have eaten up all the little fellows—there just ain’t any more.

—Los Angeles Times, December 16, 1935

Basking sharks are actually fairly common along the coast and are harmless to humans. I don't imagine this would happen today or at least hope it wouldn't happen.—KJ

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