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>> A record that will not be broken [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:49 pm
Ken Jones

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Four giant (black) sea bass in ten days — wow.

Big Fish

Ed Borhing, who lives at Main and Fourteenth streets in this city, is the proud possessor of a monster jewfish which he caught yesterday with a yellowtail line from the Redondo wharf. It weighed 205 pounds and the strength of four men was needed to land the thing, after it had been played with for five minutes. This is a remarkable fish to be landed with a small line and naturally Borhing is very much tickled over his prize.
—Los Angeles Times, November 2, 1905

Redondo—Big Fish At Wharf

Redondo, Nov. 11.—E. H. Borhing of Yates City, Ill., has broken the record for catching fish, having landed three jewfish in the past week. While angling for yellowtail from wharf No. 1, the forepart of the week, he hooked a large jewfish, weighing 195 pounds, and after a long and hard struggle he managed to land it.

On Wednesday his fishing tackle came again in contact with something a little larger than he had been used to catching, and on landing it found he had another jewfish, which weighed 216 pounds.

But this afternoon’s catch beats the record. Mr. Borhing baited his tackle for the larger fish and was not fishing long when he received a terrible jerk, and noticed the monster tugging at the line. It was hard work to land the monster, but he was finally hauled to the wharf and weighed. He tipped the scales at 465 pounds. Mr. Borhing is very proud of his catch and has had the head mounted.
—Los Angeles Times, November 12, 1905

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