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PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 9:36 am

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Had last Friday off, the beginning of my four-day weekend mini-vacation. And no better way than to do some surf fishing! Friday's high tide was forecast for 1:30, and the beach was not too crowded, the surf was in the 2-3' range and no wind; a bit of cloud cover made it very comfortable. I went wader-less for the first time this year, and the water was not cold at all.
Spotted a nice hole and spent the next hour there and caught 16 perch, from 2 hand sized models, 2 larger models around 12", and the rest in the 8-10" model, all BSPs in various colorations. The perch were on a major tear, attacking the 3" pumpkin seed grub with surprising violence at times. I rarely worry about the perch swallowing the hook (2 Gamakatsu octopus hook), but a couple did and I struggled to release them. I quickly changed to lip hooking the grub instead of through the body and was soon lip hooking the perch.
Almost every cast was a hook up or a tug, and I lost at least 6 hooked fish in the surf just feet from landing them.
After a while, I decided to head down the beach for a change of scenery and passed a family of 3 fishing 5 poles, but I could not tell if they had been successful. I fished near the end of the beach and the pickings were slim, and the surf higher. I did manage 4 more perch in the 8-10" range, and after a while the bite tapered off.
It was a great day of fishing, and I could have probably caught twice the number of perch if I had used a size 4 hook and smaller grub, but those perch would have been the smaller variety. All fish released.
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