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>> As plentiful as the fleas on the back of a Santa Monica dog [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 4:36 pm
Ken Jones

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Location: California

Pine Avenue Pier — Long Beach

Long Beach, Aug. 15.—The wharf is lined every day with men, women and children fishing, and, as fish are very plentiful, there is much fun and excitement for the fishers. Fine, large yellowtail, halibut, rockcod, mackerel, surf fish, bonita, smelt, herring and an occasional barracuda are among the fish that are caught from the pier, while there is no limit to the variety caught by those who go out a few miles on the bay in boats.
The water around the pier was alive with sardines Thursday morning, and the California Fishing Company’s boat Alpha made an immense haul when she dropped her net about 800 feet from shore.
Night fishing has its attractions, also, the long pier being well lighted by electric lights. This long pier is in much demand in the evening as a promenade.
—Los Angeles Herald, August 16, 1896

Long Beach, Jan.23.—Since the late heavy rains the ocean in the vicinity of the wharf has become roiled, and the larger fish, such as rock bass, bonita, halibut, yellowtail, etc., have gone out from shore a short distance, where at a distance of a half mile they are as plentiful as fleas on the back of a Santa Monica dog. The smaller varieties, such as smelt, sardines, mackerel, croakers and surf fish, are, however, still with us and furnish sufficient sport for our men and women anglers, who taken the keenest delight in the fascination, prompted by the desire to excel in making the biggest catch of these toothsome beauties.
—Los Angeles Herald, January 24, 1897

Fishing has been interfered with somewhat by the rains, as the water near shore gets rolled by the wash from the clay bluffs, the fish preferring clear water, and keeping outside of it… Wednesday a whopping big sea bass, weighing, dressed, 37 pounds, was caught from the pier.
—Los Angeles Herald, February 7, 1897

The good fishing that was prevalent two years ago at this time is “again on” at the wharf, and is the principal drawing attraction at present. Yellowtail, halibut of the larger variety, and sea trout, herring, mackerel, sculpin of the smaller and the smaller varieties have been plentiful.
Of sardines there has been no end, the California Fishing Company’s boat Alpha catching more in three seines than they could take aboard, and there are others.
Los Angeles Herald, October 10, 1898

Long Beach is coming to the front with the fish stories almost as fascinating as those that came earlier in the season from Catalina and Coronado. Over one hundred yellowtail, halibut and Jewfish were caught one day last week from the Long Beach wharf with throwlines and reel.
—Corona Courier, October 15, 1898

Excellent fishing may now be enjoyed from the wharf, yellowtail, halibut, bonita, rock cod and mackerel biting quite freely.

Los Angeles Herald, November 21, 1898

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PFIC Message Boards >> Pier and Surf Fishing Reply to this topic
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